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As a mum of two, I know how much your children’s parties mean to them, as a busy mum of two, I know how time-consuming and stressful to plan a successful children party while juggling so many things, as a caring mum as we all are, we would like them have a great quality party time and have something to remember, well, if you feel the same, we are here to help!

Have a look at our new website, it is very easy to navigate with all the popular theme pre-filled party bags, which will buy your more time to organise other areas of their parties, all our party items have been carefully picked and quite unique, which you do not find in usual party bags on the market, we believe our bags will put smiles on all kids' face when they bring them home, don't forget to visit our craft section. I m trying my best to maintain the quality while keeping at affordable price.

I am welcoming all comments negative or positive, as I believe this can only help us to do things better, and we value every single customer. If you have any ideas or suggestions about our current pre-filled party bags or are looking for any other party bags which are not available on our website , please feel free to get in touch and we will try to source them for you as we are continuing to expand our lines.

On a whole sale level, we also sell novelty stationery and various kinds of crafts, and feel free to contact us for a whole sale catalogue.



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